2022 General Election: Fiji PM ‘delusional’

National Federation Party general secretary Seini Nabou. Picture: FILE/ JONACANI LALAKOBAU

National Federation Party (NFP) general secretary Leba Seni Nabou has called Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama “delusional” following his attack on the wife of NFP leader, professor Biman Prasad.

At a campaign rally at Vashist Muni Hall in Navua last Friday, Mr Bainimarama claimed that Prof Prasad’s wife, Dr Rajni Chand, did not deserve the position she currently held at the University of the South Pacific (USP) and that Prof Prasad had influenced the appointment.

Ms Nabou said the PM’s “repulsive diatribe” confirmed that he was driven by fear of losing power and had stooped to thuggery, gutter-level and cowardly behaviour.”

“The ghetto thug and cowardly comments by FFP party leader have confirmed him as the outgoing Prime Minister after shamelessly attacking Dr Chand, a woman of academic repute,” she said.

“He will never measure up to even to an iota of Dr Rajni and her academic excellence.

“I can personally vouch for Dr Rajni Chand and her meritorious command of distance education needs in the USP region because I worked with her there in the early 1990s.”

Ms Nabou claimed the electorate was wise not to be swayed by his comments, but they would be angered with the foolishness they saw flowing from FijiFirst.

“Bainimarama is delusional and hallucinating if he continues to pin all his political fortunes on stoking fear and racism by attacking a hardworking and gracious Indo-Fijian woman, professional, mother and wife, who can hold her own.”

She added Bainimarama and his party must see the writing on the wall and their usefulness to the people of Fiji was now obsolete and they would be thrown out of power by voters in 17 days.

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