2022 General Election: Politics of fear must go away, says Singh

NFP candidate Agni Deo Singh (left) and Attar Singh at the NFP headquarters in Suva. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

The National Federation Party (NFP) candidate Agni Deo Singh has attacked the “politics of fear” aimed at the hearts of voters, especially Fijians of Indian descent, and said the politics of fear pervading Fiji must go away.

“Every time we hear about politics of fear from the FijiFirst government, they are doing it currently, trying to instil that fear in the Indo-Fijian community,” the former general secretary for Fiji Teachers Union said.

“The worst part is that this is bringing about an ethnic divide. We are here to bring the two major ethnic groups together.

“We don’t talk ethnicity, we don’t talk race or religion. That is why I am so happy to join this team where The People’s Alliance and NFP are going to work together.”

Mr Singh said people should not worry and leave the security details to authorities such as the police.

“People must not think at all that if there is a change in Government, there will be any change or any instability in this country. No. Why should there be?

“And who is talking about it? Nobody else is talking about instability.

“Nobody else is talking about the possibility of blood spilling and things like that. “Why can’t you talk about issues?

“People have no reason to fear anything. Please come out and vote for whoever you want to vote for after giving it careful thought.

“It is very important to understand that 16 years is a long time for any one government so there is time for a change.

“My plea to the people is, you have given them eight years. Eight years they imposed themselves, eight years they have been there through the people and polls. Give us four years and then you decide if we are worth keeping.”

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