‘A win for Oceania’

Olympic Solidarity Commission chair Robin Mitchell presented the 2021 to 2024 plan, which has been adapted to a post-coronavirus world. Picture: INSIDE THE GAMES

The Oceania National Olympic  Committees (ONOC) has congratulated the city of Brisbane,  the Queensland government, the government of Australia, and  the Australian Olympic Commit- tee (AOC) for winning the bid to  host the 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games, the 33rd Olympiad.

In a press statement, ONOC  president and re-elected Inter- national Olympic Committee  (IOC) executive board member Dr Robin Mitchell said Brisbane 2032 is a great win for Oceania.

Dr Mitchell said in many a win for Australia in the Olympic Movement was a win for Oceania,  especially with its small island developing states (SIDS). “This will be the third Summer Olympic Games that Australia will be hosting,” he said. “It has hosted the Summer Games in Melbourne in 1956 and the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Now with Brisbane winning the right to host the Games in 2032, it  makes it Australia’s third, making it the only country to achieve  this unique feat.” Dr Mitchell said the Sydney 2000 Games made an impact in  Oceania which led to the channelling of resources and support  to small Pacifi c Island countries. “This led to the rapid growth of  many national olympic Committees (NOC) and to the sport- ing movement in general,” he  said.

“The Sydney Games were a  change in that indigenous cul- ture was recognised and visibly  included in the design and offer- ing of the Games. It was a true  cultural event. “It was also the Games that allowed many athletes from Oceania to attend and we hope to repeat this feat in 2032.” With the successful bid, Dr Mitchell expects the AOC to continue extending its hand of friendship to Oceania in taking  part in the ONOC Shared Services Programme where all NOCs  pool resources for the duration of the Olympic Games, sharing  in the communal sharing and co- operation.

“This is also extended through  the support Australia provides for sport in the Pacifi c islands region through its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)-supported program Team Up which innovatively uses sport to address health, disability and other social development issues,” he said.

Dr Mitchell stated that recently the Australian government  through its DFAT assisted in the  preparation and pre-games training for Oceania athletes to Tokyo  through its Pacifc Australia Sports Partnership Programme.

Dr Mitchell said winning the 2023 hosting rights was a huge achievement for Australia and everyone in Oceania were very  pleased to have one of their members bring the Games home.

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