Adhere to advice, commerce urges members

Savusavu Chamber of Commerce president Ravi Chhaganlal in Savusavu Town. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA

The Savusavu Chamber of Commerce has urged its members to adhere to the COVID-19 advice ensuring customers also follow the basic rules while shopping in town.

The chamber president Ravi Chhaganlal said this was important to ensure that the North remained free of COVID-19.

“We believe this is very important and we have continued to remind members of the business community to adhere and uphold the health restrictions in place,” he said.

“Right now, knowing we haven’t had any reports of COVID-19 it’s best to act on the advice given by the Ministry of Health and stay safe.”

Although business has been slow following the restricted movement of the public, Mr Chhaganlal said they had seen business slow down over the past week.

“Most of our customers are from the rural side of Cakaudrove and understanding that their movement have been restricted, they have not been able to come to town and so we are feeling the pinch,” he said.

“Last week we started seeing a drop in our sales and it’s worse than last year but it’s beyond our control because the number of customers has also dropped.

“But what’s important is that our members install the careFIJI App and we are asking everyone who comes into town to do the same for our own good.”

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