Army probes sex claim

RFMF commander Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto inspects a parade during the Junior Leaders passout. Picture: FILE

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces will investigate claims of sexual harassment and “sex for promotions” within its ranks.

Responding to this newspaper’s questions on allegations made on social media, RFMF commander Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto said he had ordered a private investigation into the claims.

Rear Admiral Naupoto said he had been alerted to allegations from former RFMF personnel claiming that some female officers had given sexual favours to male officers in return for promotions.

“Until these investigations are completed I will not comment further on these claims,” said Rear Admiral Naupoto.

A social media post claims that a former RFMF personnel deployed in the British Army had spoken about inappropriate fraternisation which had been rife in the military two years ago with some senior male officers involved in affairs with their female subordinates.

According to claims on social media, some of the female officers were new recruits who were still in training while other female officers had been given special preferences and promoted to higher ranks allegedly due to their illicit affairs with senior officers.

It is alleged that these affairs were widely known in the military as senior officers and their subordinates would have heated arguments during social outings.

The post further highlights claims that those in the higher echelons of the military were fully aware of these illicit affairs but swept them under the carpet.

Former personnel now overseas have questioned the morality of the RFMF and called for the reports to be investigated, saying that the senior officers implicated should be removed from service as they have tarnished the force’s image.

Rear Admiral Naupoto said he had been alerted by his officers regarding the claims.

He said proper actions would be taken to address the issues.

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