Association asks members to get vaccinated

The Fiji Local Government Officers Association is asking all its members and municipal council workers to get vaccinated, as it will not assist members who will lose their jobs because of non-vaccination.

President Rouhit Karan Singh said a majority of their members have adhered to the amended laws while some were reluctant to vaccinate.

“Few workers have voluntarily resigned and some have taken leave to decide on the vaccination intake.

“I respect the individual decision, but it is unfortunate to understand that workers’ lives will be in a very difficult position when there will be no income during these difficult times after loss of jobs.”

Mr Singh said livelihoods will be shattered if members were dismissed.

“Union will continue to uphold and protect workers’ rights, but with the increase in cases with multiple deaths, it is safe to get vaccinated.

“Don’t be swayed away with misleading and wrong information and when confused do take expert advice for clarification.

“With lot of speculation on social media, one has to think positively what is right at this point in time to move forward and counter this deadly virus.”

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