‘Bat blade must consist solely of willow’: MCC gives bamboo the cut

FILE PHOTO: Cricket - Ashes test match - Australia v England - MCG, Melbourne, Australia, December 28, 2017. England's Alastair Cook reacts as he walks off the ground at the end of the third day of the fourth Ashes cricket test match. REUTERS/David Gray

The Marylebone Cricket Club has rejected bamboo bats as an alternative to willow, because bamboo is grass and not wood.

For the bats to be given the go-ahead, there would need to be an amendment to the laws of cricket, and the MCC has pledged to discuss this at the next laws subcommittee meeting. The MCC maintains cricket’s official laws.

In a statement, the club said: “MCC has read with interest the research study from the University of Cambridge, which suggests that cricket bats made from bamboo offer a more suitable alternative to the traditional use of willow.

“Currently, Law 5.3.2 states that the blade of the bat must consist solely of wood, so for bamboo (which is a grass) to be considered as a realistic alternative to willow would require a law change.”

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