Editors Comment

24th October

Editorial comment – Water safety

The revelation that an 11-year-old student is alleged to have drowned in the Sigatoka River earlier this week will once again raise the issue of water safety. The victim, according to police, travelled from Suva...

23rd October

Editorial comment – Sticking to the rules

The reopening of the containment borders in September started a chain of events that saw a slow return of foot traffic in most urban centres around the country. It then kick-started a rather quick return of traffic around the country as people lapped up the return of freedom to travel. Now with sports set to...

22nd October

Editorial comment – Our children’s education

There were some interesting figures released when the Fiji Bureau of Statistics carried out the Fiji Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey in March and April this year. It stated 31.7 per cent children of secondary school age were not attending school when the survey was done. It revealed that 28.2 per cent children of upper secondary...

21st October

Editorial comment – Safety first

USA Today reported an interesting case of death by COVID-19 the other day. The death from COVID-19 complications of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell on Monday, it said, could add fuel to those who oppose vaccines, considering his family said he was fully vaccinated. In reality, though, it stated, Mr Powell’s death at...

19th October

Editorial comment – A reminder for us all

The fact that four people are recovering in hospital after they were involved in three separate road accidents at the weekend should attract attention. In fact it should keep us on our toes. It should encourage us to be proactive whenever we are out on the road. Any accident on our roads must raise concern....