23rd October

Making ends meet – Joana keeps up with loan payments selling cupcakes

During the national border lockdown amid the second wave of COVID-19 that devastated the Fijian economy, the Sawani border became the new hub for market business. A location that connected farmers from the highlands and...

22nd October

Raj the carpenter

Experience is the greatest teacher — that’s a sentiment shared by veteran carpenter Deo Raj . He may seem an ordinary old man in his ’80s trend trousers and plain white shirt, but Mr Raj carries with him a lot of skills and years of knowledge as a carpenter in the construction industry. An industry...

21st October

Shamim’s life on the road – Happy on the job amid COVID-19

Mohammed Shamim’s lack of an appropriate level of education does not discourage him from pursuing what he wants in life. In fact he enjoys sweating it out as a labourer and is content with his life! Shamim said the challenges of a killer virus had him worried about losing his employment as a labourer with...

20th October

Bainivalu’s love for flowers

Finding the ideal contrast, trimming it and designing the flowers in a way that allows people to perfectly express their emotions is what Sainimili Bainivalu does every day. The 61-year-old said fresh, colourful and mesmerising flowers had always attracted her attention. Originally from Naruwai, Bua, she is the first florist in her family. “During my...

19th October

Mothers of Nailou: Women fund canteen to build evacuation centre

Despite the challenges, Maria Iowana has shouldered the responsibilities of being the president of the Nailou Women’s Club. The village, Nailou, sits in the district of Tunuloa in the province of Cakaudrove and has no road access so villagers depend on boats or treks through the forest. But despite this, the group has worked wonders...