28th January

On a mission to help

Sheik Sahib is on a mission to help people. The 49-year-old Justice of Peace says ever since he was a young boy growing up in Naviyago, Lautoka, he was always encouraged to help people. He...

27th January

Craft sales from scratch

STARTING off her business with limited knowledge and practice in making tapa, Fijian mats, jewellery and garlands, Torika Nayabo is now a familiar face at the Suva Flea market. Over the past 10 years her business has grown into a choice for local designers, international clients and locals for items ranging from garlands, mats for...

26th January

Meredani weaves her way to success

While culture and traditions give way to modernity, some women continue to weave their way to success. Meredani Dalituicama, 65, from Saqani, Cakaudrove is one of them. For over thirty years, she has been weaving, a skill she monetised in order to send her four children to school. Now she is one of the many...

25th January

‘Never give up’

Allen Khan is a prime example of one that doesn’t give up when she or he encounters tough times. Originally from Nasolo, Ba, Mr Khan moved to Suva in 2004 in search for employment opportunities. Mr Khan says members of his family were tenant farmers planting sugar cane on leased land. When that arrangement came...

24th January

Young mum chases career

Tucked away in a small space along Butt St in Suva, Pat’s Café presents a homely ambiance to all those who stroll through its doors in search of a meal. As they enter, Emele Volau, is one of the welcoming faces that’s ready to serve them. Originally from Lomaloma in Vanuabalavu, Lau, Volau lends a...