COVID-19: Minister Kumar advises vendors to wear masks properly

Daya Wati at her stall at the Suva market. Vendors are advised to wear masks properly - that is cover both their mouth and nose. Picture: IAN CHUTE/FT FILE

Municipal market vendors around the country need to wear their “face masks” properly and in a correct manner.

Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development Premila Kumar reiterated this in a statement saying that the ministry was concerned that some market vendors still did not know the correct way of wearing masks.

“Market vendors should cover their faces properly with the face masks and not use them as a mouth guard. Often we see their masks do not cover their mouths,” Mrs Kumar said.

She says market vendors also have a responsibility towards ensuring that COVID-19 safety measures are put to action for their safety and that of the public at large.

“It’s important that vendors should refuse to sell their produce to anyone not wearing the mask or if the mask does not cover the nose as well,” she said.

Mrs Kumar said similarly, consumers should refuse to buy from a vendor who is using the mask as a mouth guard or on their forehead or below the chin.

“The safety of the markets around all municipalities depends on the staff and the vendors operating in it.

“Market vendors are also vulnerable. They come in contact with other Fijians daily from all walks of life and it is imperative they stay protected and for the safety of others around them.”

She said market vendors needed to take this matter seriously and if need be, they should double their masks for extra protection.

“We are fighting a crisis we have not seen before and we need every Fijian to play their part and follow simple life-saving measures that our health authorities have announced.

“We cannot be complacent towards this virus as it is a matter of life and death.”

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