COVID-19 pandemic takes toll on fish seller

Amelia Ravai, 35, sells fish at Laqere market in Nasinu. Picture: WANSHIKA KUMAR

Amelia Ravai, a fish vendor at the Laqere market, Nasinu, says selling fresh fish is no longer viable given the cost of keeping fish compared with how much it can be sold for.

“Before the second wave of COVID-19, business was going so well, but over the past few weeks business has really gone down,” the 35-year-old said.

“My income depends on the catch and before, in a day I was able to earn around $200 or more but after COVID-19 that’s what I earn in a week.

“The income earned seems very less when we pay our expenses, as we have to buy a lot of ice and also pay for transport.

“Sometimes we end up paying more in keeping our fish fresh instead of what we earn.

“My husband is a diver, so whatever he catches, I come and sell it here to support my family.

“With all the restrictions in place, my husband now dives in Nakelo, so I have to go and get the fish from there, where my travelling costs around $30 to $40.”

Ms Ravai said she was hoping things would normalise soon.

“Sometimes we run at a loss, but we have to manage and try to keep it going because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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