COVID-19: Six arrested for playing cards; 28 arrests overnight for breach

Picture: FT ONLINE

Six people who were found playing cards are among the 28 people arrested for breaching the health restrictions and curfew orders breaches over the last 24-hours.

According to Acting Commissioner of Police, Rusiate Tudravu said the six individuals were all found playing cards at Duvula road in Nadera.

A/CP Tudravu said the Southern Division filed 18 cases, eight for the Western Division while two cases were recorded in the Eastern Division.

He said the 18 cases recorded in the Southern Division involved the six from Nadera, four were found drinking liquor at the Nadera ground beside Nayan’s supermarket while three other cases of breaching curfew orders were recorded at the Raiwaqa area.

“Three farmers of Navua were found crossing the Wainadoi border while a 26-year-old man was found drunk and loitering at the Kinoya area and another case was recorded at the Caubati area concerning alcohol,” A/CP Tudravu said.

“Of the eight cases recorded in the Western Division, three men were found loitering along the Nadi and the Sigatoka area during curfew hours while a 24-year old man was found along the Nailaga area in Ba during curfew hours,” he said.

“Three other cases of curfew breaches were recorded at Yalalevu whereby three men were found traveling in a vehicle, returning from drinking grog at Nasolo village while a man in his 20’s was found drunk and entered into neighbors house at Saweni in Lautoka.

“In the Eastern Division, two cases were recorded whereby a 19-year-old man was found drinking and loitering at Nakasi while a man in his 40’s was arrested for a similar case in Levuka.”

Meanwhile the Northern and Central recorded nil cases.



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