COVID-19: Three deaths reported at CWM


Three individuals who had tested positive of COVID-19 have died at the CWM hospital.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong in his daily COVID-19 statement today.

Dr Fong said the first is a 68-year-old admitted to the hospital for a pre-existing non-COVID medical condition.

“He tested positive during his admission and his doctors have confirmed his death as a COVID-19 death,” Dr Fong said.

“The second is a 57-year-old who was also admitted to the hospital for a pre-existing non-COVID medical condition,” he said.

“He also tested positive during his admission, and his doctors are investigating to determine if his death was caused by COVID-19,” he added.

Dr Fong said the third death is a 66-year-old who was declared dead on arrival to the emergency department at CWMH, according to protocol she was swabbed and also tested positive to COVID-19.

“Her doctors are conducting investigations to determine if her death was caused by COVID-19.”

The death of the 42 year old male at CWM Hospital announced yesterday has now been classified as a COVID-19 death. There have now been 9 deaths due to COVID-19, with 7 of these deaths during the outbreak that started in April this year. 2 deaths are under investigation to determine if they were caused by COVID-19, and 8 COVID-19 positive patients have died from pre-existing non-COVID-19 related illnesses.

Fact file for today:

  • 86 recoveries since the last update
  • 1631 active cases in isolation
  • 2200 cases during the outbreak that started in April 2021
  • 2270 cases in Fiji since the first case was reported in March 2020, with 618 recoveries.


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