COVID-19: Traders in Taveuni worried about basic food supplies

Business houses in Naqara Taveuni are worried about supplies of basic food items as there has been no shipping services over past week. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

Taveuni has been without shipping services for the past week and traders are worried about supplies of basic food items.

Businessman Rohil Chand who owns chain of supermarkets on the island said they would soon run short of goods, basic food items, gas, fuel and alcohol.

“We hope good sense prevails because dalo and yaqona exporters and farmers will be greatly affected. This decision will also affect us because perishable items and good have been loaded on trucks but stuck in Suva.

“Dalo and yaqona farmers will be greatly affected and that means, we will be affected too because we depend on them for business.”

The Savusavu Chamber of Commerce president Ravi Chhanganlal said business would also be affected in the Hidden Paradise.

“Although we have another option which is Nabouwalu, it doesn’t mean that we will not be affected as most of our suppliers use the Savusavu jetty,” he said.

“Only Goundar Shipping services Savusavu and Taveuni and they have the capacity and to do so. We hope good sense prevails.”

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