‘Don’t leave land idle’ – Ram loves toiling farmland for a living

Ram Dayal, 72, has never regretted the decision he made about six decades ago to toil the land and make a living off it.

This same land on Navula outside Natabua, Lautoka has provided for three generations who have earned themselves good education and have left for greener pastures abroad.

Ram is a perfect example of a hardworking Fijian farmer who is connected to the land and has never regretted a moment being a farmer.

“Farming is my life and it is what I depend entirely on,” the Navula farmer said.

“This is my life and my hobby and it continues to give me a healthy life because I am always out breathing fresh air very early in the morning and again the afternoon before the sun sets.

“I am on the farm every day and I cannot afford to see a piece of my farmland lying idle because this is the land that has given me what I need the most.”

When Fijians are protecting themselves from the virus as per recent announcements from government, the Navula vegetable farmer continues to attend to his farm daily because farming gives him a peace of mind.

Ram is one of the first Lautoka residents to be vaccinated last month He believes he will be protected from COVID-19.

“I have not been going anywhere this past two weeks after government announced restrictions, but I cannot stay home because my farm is my life.”

His farm produces a variety of vegetables which he sells at the Lautoka market at times.

While acknowledging government and its effort to contain the virus, he also urged people to toil their land and whatever land available around them so they could feed their families.

“We can’t afford to be home all day and expect things to be provided for us.

“There is always a portion of land available even for those living in the urban centres so make use of that land and plant something for your family.”

Two of his children are overseas and as he proudly shared “they managed to see the world with the little money I earn from this farm”.

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