Emele reaches out to her students

Emele Tabucala explains the contents of the worksheet to her student. Picture: Supplied

Students often wait eagerly to pick up their worksheets every week from their school teacher Emele Tabucala.

The level of commitment shown by students to receive their worksheets shows their persistence to learn even during tough times. Mrs Tabucala every week makes sure her Year 10 students receive their worksheets before she goes out to deliver it to students beyond the Suva- Nausori borders.

Apart from dropping off worksheets to students, Mrs Tabucala also explains the activities thoroughly to her students so they understand before she bids them farewell.

When Fiji was hit by the second wave of COVID- 19 many had been affected and children were one of the most vulnerable to the pandemic. Schools being closed meant school work for students would lag behind.

In order for her students to not miss out on their school work, Mrs Tabucala prints worksheets and hand delivers them to students.

Students who live beyond the border also receive their worksheets by boat or by relatives who travel to the border.

Mrs Tabucala said her students living in Kadavu and Naitasiri are the most vulnerable to missing out, but she tries her best to deliver their worksheet on time so they are updated on school activities.

“Some Saturdays I would go to Nausori and get onboard buses that travel down to villages where my students live,” she said.

“I would ask passengers onboard if anyone knows my student or their family in the village and if a passenger says they know my student I then ask them if they can deliver the worksheet for me.”

Students still continue to attend zoom classes from home while some work on their weekly worksheets that are given by the Ministry of Education.

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