Family ‘at peace’

Sangeeta Devi (right) with daughter Samaira Kumar (front) and sister Rangeeta Chand at the Nadi International Airport. BALJEET SINGH.

An emotional Sangeeta Devi held daughter Samaira Kumar tightly outside the Nadi International Airport terminal on Thursday as they prepared to fly back home to Australia.

She was at peace as the High Court in Lautoka had convicted the man accused of killing her parents, her older sister, and two nieces.

Samaira was the 11-month-old toddler discovered among her family’s dead bodies in the Nausori Highlands in 2019.

Mohammed Raheesh Isoof, 65, a New Zeland bus driver who was convicted by the High Court in Lautoka this week, was yesterday handed life sentences for the deaths.

“I am leaving the country with my daughter, knowing that my family is finally resting in peace,” an emotional Ms Devi said.

“I am very happy that something has finally happened. It has been two years and we have all been waiting. It’s not just me but my family and friends abroad.”

The bodies of Nirmal Kumar, Usha Devi, Kajal, Sana and Samara Singh were found on the edge of a cliff in the Nausori Highlands.

She said her daughter always reminded her of her precious family members who perished in an untimely manner.

“I took my daughter back to Australia after what transpired in 2019.

“She is three years old now and has no memory of what happened.

“It is only me and my younger sister, Rangeeta, who are left in the family and we will work hard to give our children the best love they deserve.”

The sisters got themselves matching tattoos in memory of their late family members.

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