Family lives in makeshift

Krishaal Krishav Kumar (front) with sister Krisha Kristika Kumar, mother Ashna Prasad, father Shivneel Chand and uncle Avinesh Prasad in front of their makeshift house at Voivoi Rd, Legalega, Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Shivneel Chand of Voivoi Settlement in Nadi has been living in a makeshift shed after he was unable to pay his rent.

Now, after more than a month of trying to survive, the father of two and his wife, Ashna Prasad, were forced to relocate their children to a relative’s home after they could not bare witness to their children sleeping through the cold nights.

The couple spend their day tending to their farm where their dream home was to be built.

They spend their night huddled in a tent tucked into their tin shed while Mrs Prasad’s brother sleeps on a tarpaulin borrowed from neighbours.

With nowhere else to go, the family put out a desperate plea after their situation turned dire.

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