FDB clarifies top job selection process

The Fiji Development Bank. Picture: FILE

The Fiji Development Bank (FDB) board based the selection of its CEO on the strategic requirements of this all-important role at one of Fiji’s most important financial institutions, not on ethnicity.

This statement was in response to the statement by SODELPA member of Parliament Aseri Radrodro regarding the appointment of Saud Minam as CEO.

The FDB board confirmed in a statement on Tuesday that the objectives were to appoint an experienced leader with the relevant international commercial banking experience, an extensive knowledge of Fiji’s financial and economic sectors and expertise to guide the FDB through the current environment.

After a thorough, rigorous and transparent recruitment process conducted with the assistance of KPMG, the CEO role was offered to Mr Minam.

The board stated he had met the requirements fully in a fair, merit-based process.

More than 3700 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) served by the FDB, along with other stakeholders and the Fijian Government, expected nothing less than a meritorious candidate to guide the financial institution through the uncharted COVID-induced terrain, stated the FDB board.

The board added with Mr Minam’s leadership, the FDB would continue to deliver on its strategic objectives of assisting MSMEs and revitalising various businesses through development finance and access to capital

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