Fight against Climate Change

Let’s Save the World Fiji group members after planting mangrove pods at Namoli Village foreshore in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Kamil College Head Boy Alsheik Ashad is mobilising a group of Ba secondary school students in taking action against the impact of climate change.

The Year 13 student, who founded the Let’s Save the World Fiji Club, has been working over the past few months to collect more than 40,000 mangrove pods for their coastal rehabilitation projects.

“From Year 5 to Year 13, we are learning about climate change and what it is doing to our environment,” he said.

“We also learn about how to protect our environment, but a lot of us don’t know how we can do that.

“So I decided to form a club with some of my classmates to put into practice what we are learning in the classroom especially about climate change and how we can protect it.

“We have been doing projects like clean up campaigns in certain areas in our communities and the mangrove replanting project is another one that we have been wanting to do for a while.

“We all know the importance of mangroves and how it protects our coastlines so we wanted to do that too.”

He said many of their club members were from Kamil College, but the club was open for other students from other schools.

“It is open to any student that believes in our campaign.

“They will go through a selection process, but the main priority is we will accept members who are passionate and who are willing to sacrifice a lot for these initiatives.”

The group has been assisting villagers in Namoli in Lautoka to rehabilitate their eroded coastline.

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