Fiji joins partners at PALM 9 meeting

Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister, Sugar Industry and Acting Permanent Secretary Foreign Affairs, Mr. Yogesh Karan and Director Asia at Fiji MFA Mr Apolosi Lewaqai, while attending the 9th Pacific Island Leaders Meeting (PALM 9) Senior Officials Meeting at the Fiji Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Picture: SUPPLIED

Fiji joined its regional and international partners at the ninth Pacific Island Leaders Meeting (PALM 9) Senior Officials Meeting on Tuesday.

The meeting was convened by Japan in the buildup to the PALM 9 meeting scheduled for later this year.

According to a Government statement, the mandate of the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) is to discuss and direct action with Japan on regional priorities and policy positions.

Pacific Island Countries (PICs) and Japan are important, longstanding partners, sharing the Pacific Ocean and addressing common challenges.

In order to enhance this partnership with the PICs, Japan has been hosting Summit-level meetings, commonly known as the Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM) every three years since 1997.

While representing Fiji at this virtual meeting, permanent secretary in the Prime Ministers office and Acting PS Foreign Affairs Yogesh Karan provided an overview of the 2050 Strategy for a Blue Pacific Continent.

In the statement, Mr Karan said the 2050 Strategy as mandated by the Forum Leaders in 2019, came at an opportune time because it would inform the region’s policy trajectory over the next three decades.

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