Fijians show lot of resilience against the pandemic

The Fiji 7s team in Japan. Picture: FIJI RUGBY

Team Fiji men’s rugby 7s team has shown a lot of resilience dealing with the likes of the lock down, quarantine and continue their training with the tight logistics set out to prepare for the Olympic Games gold medal defence in Tokyo next week.

The Gareth Baber-coached team spent several weeks preparing in a lockdown bubble in Suva before  travelling to Australia where the side spent three days in quarantine in Brisbane ahead of the Pacifi cAus Sports Oceania 7s tournament in Australia.

Baber said the situation had been tough.

He said life was tough for everybody as it was an unusual year.

“With that as the backdrop, we are trying to get a program together to back up our performance going to the Olympics,” Baber said.”

“We are in a very unusual year and what I have found with this journey particularly with the players which is testament to us as Fijians, is to how flexible and how creative a nation we are.

“There are some things that can strike players but there are other things that I sometimes look at that are difficult that will see them go through.”

Fiji is in Pool B in the men’s rugby 7s competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games with Japan, Great Britain and Canada. Pool A has New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and South Korea while Pool C includes South Africa, US, Kenya and Ireland.

Team Fiji will move from its base camp in Oita today going into the games village in Tokyo. Baber said they were in a race against everybody to mould a winning combination.

“The team has made a big mark in resilience to deal with the likes of lock down and how we continue our training with the tight logistics.

“You are moving around the Oita City and you are looking at the busses and getting on busses to get to places and ensuring that you have the right facilities to train in.

“You have to keep it at that level of quality when delivering the coaching that you want because you know that you have to do that. It is because you have a race against everybody around the world.

“Particularly in the past two months we were locked down in Fiji. Then we came out of quarantine  in Fiji and then went into quarantine in Australia, came out of quarantine and played in a tournament there.

”We had looked at how that was going to happen and what it was going to look like coming out of that, moving into Japan and what all it was going to be in detail. We seemed to have moved through that and I think that has been tested with the players and with their clarity of working hard to what the ultimate goal is.”

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