Firm adopts a positive attitude

Labasa Town special administrator Ami Kohli (holding microphone). Picture: FILE/SERAFINA SILAITOGA

Rising above COVID-19 challenges, Labasa’s ‘In Fashion’ company has employed people to work in its newly refurbished building.

Shop manager Apul Kumar has attributed the successful initiative to adopting a positive attitude that has seen them through.

“We discussed this for a few months knowing that we still faced challenges and people losing their jobs, so it wasn’t easy,” he said.

“But we chose to remain positive knowing that COVID won’t be with us forever, and it will come to an end, so life must go on.

“We did that and have hired some new workers and kept our old workers too, so it’s very important for us to look after each other.”

Labasa and Savusavu town’s special administrator Ami Kohli described the initiative as an encouraging one, especially in this time of financial constraints.

“They’ve shown us that even in the midst of our struggle, we can still rise above our challenges and make things happen,” he said.

“This is something that we should all be proud of, especially for us in Labasa, that we are still surviving and businesses operating as normal.

“We are glad that this business has chosen to do the extraordinary, and I am positive that most people will be encouraged from this.”

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