Food packs, vouchers for families

Being Helping Hands Fiji staff (right) hands over groceries to a family. Picture: SUPPLIED/FACEBOOK

Non organisation Being Helping Hands Fiji distributed food packs and vouchers for Eid to more than 20 families in Nausori.

Organisation coordinator Nausori Joytika Lal said the aim of the distribution was to assist families struggling to feed their families.

“We wanted to help those who had difficulties putting food on their table during this beautiful month of Ramadan,” she said.

“Our Being Helping Hands Fiji family did not buy any new clothes, neither celebrate Eid, as our main goal was to use that money on the ones who are in need during this hard time.”

During the month of Ramadan, she said they had distributed nearly 100 packs and 50 vouchers weekly all over Fiji.

“Our packs included Sehri and Iftari items, which is essential during this festival.

“We believe in reaching out and help make a difference in one’s life.

“We would like to thank our donors for sending in zakaat (donations) and trusting us that their money will be put to the right

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