Food worry

Residents of Qauia move around to get supplies and food for their families in Lami, July 3, 2021. Picture: FILE/ATU RASEA

Some people who were under 14 days home quarantine in informal settlements within Lami could end up getting sick because of hunger rather than COVID-19, says Lami District Council of Social Services president Asaeli Naisoro.

He said thanks to the generous donation from residents in Lami they managed to deliver 30 food bags to families who were in need of food in some informal settlements.

“We assisted COVID-19 positive patients, single mothers, the elderly, people living with disabilities and underprivileged children,” he said.

He said some families ended up sharing the food rations delivered to them with other neighbouring families.

“This is how some people in informal settlements were managing during the second wave of this pandemic.

“Lami is densely populated with many informal settlements, there are people out there who are in need of food and we couldn’t do much because of limited resources.

“People in these informal settlements are stressed because for some they have no food in the pantries and apart from COVID-19, having nothing to eat could cause more health complications.”

In response, Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong said people in the area who were under lockdown had their names submitted for food ration assistance.

Questions sent to the Ministry of Economy on June 24 remain unanswered.

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