Frustration – Impacts of COVID-19 take toll on mental health: Kuruleca

Customers standing outside a supermarket in Valelevu waiting to do their shopping. Picture: ATU RASEA/FILE

THE surge in people taking out their frustration on social media is a result of the devastating impact of COVID-19 on mental health, says Fiji’s renowned psychotherapist, Selina Kuruleca.

She said people’s mental health could be at a breaking point because just when people thought the situation was slowly getting back to normal the B.1.617 emerged with health restrictions heightened.

She said more people were seeking help from NGOs dealing with psychological counselling.

She said for some the current situation had been resourceful.

“But if this continues, patience will run out and people’s frustration will surface.

“A classic example that we continue to see is the venting on social media, and thought we may say it’s good that people can vent, but who are they hurting with their venting?

“Having the B.1.617 variant made our task a bit harder, daily living a bit more stressful,” she said.

“Then we had the superspreader event and of course the ever increasing numbers of community transmission, forcing people into poverty.”

She said people needed to find the better version of themselves during this pandemic.

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