Gavoka to visit island constituency

SODELPA leader Viliame Gavoka talking to the media after the SODELPA management board meeting at Southern Cross Hotel. Picture: RAMA/FILE

Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) leader Viliame Gavoka will be travelling to Kadavu this week.

He made the comments after being questioned on why the Kadavu constituency representative was not allowed to sit in during the management board meeting in Suva on Friday.

The representative expressed his disappointment at Kadavu not being allowed to sit in during the management board meeting this year.

He said he had presented a letter to the management board yesterday, but was still not allowed to sit in during the meeting.

The man, who preferred anonymity, said this was the third time he was banned from the meeting even though the letter was signed and agreed to by the nine chiefs on Kadavu.

In response, Mr Gavoka said the party executives would be travelling to the island to address some governance compliance issues.

“There are some governance issues that need to be dealt with in compliance with the Constitution of the party and we are addressing that,” he said.

“We are even heading to Kadavu early next week to go and set up the structure.

“The support across Kadavu is phenomenal. All the chiefs support SODELPA, but it’s the way that the party is structured that we need the constituencies to have their branches to enable us to operate with Kadavu the way everyone else is operating.”

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