Gazette: Home-made businesses need approval

Minister for Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya. Picture: FILE

Those wishing to operate a home-based business need to obtain an approval from the permanent secretary responsible for town planning, states a gazette notice published on May 6 and authorised by Minister for Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya.

Home-based business is defined as a business operation that is permitted to operate from a residential area and does not include an industrial business operation.

They are listed as a canteen business, catering services from a residential property, consultancy services, including an advertising and marketing consultancy, tailoring and boutique, art and craft, including a painting business, beauty-related services, including a nail care service, mehndi or hair dressing, daycare or preschool, building design services, an online business and any other home-based business operation declared by the permanent secretary.

“Any person carrying out a home-based business operation must comply with the health and safety requirements under the Public Health Act 1935 and any other written law relevant to the home-based business operation,” states the gazette notice.

“The local authority responsible for a residential area in which a home-based business operation is carried out, is responsible for monitoring the home-based business operation.

“A home-based business operator must pay the applicable rates approved by the local authority.”

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