‘Good practice at health centres’

Medical Superintendent Dr Luke Nasedra. Picture: ELENA VUCUKULA/FT FILE

After a successful training approach at six pilot health facilities around the country, the 5S-Kaizen total quality management (TQM) approach has now been introduced to 23 more health facilities.

This was mentioned by the medical superintendent at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Dr Luke Nasedra during the 5S-Kaizen TQM seminar at the Holiday Inn last month.

Since its implementation last year, Dr Nasedra said good health practices had been established at six pilot facilities.

“This effort has made Fiji as the first Pacific country to systematically implement and continue to disseminate the 5S Kaizen TQM approach in the health sector,” Dr Nasedra said.

“The project mad great efforts to establish a quality management system in the pilot facilities.

“In addition, an implementation guideline and good practices of 5S Kaizen TQM approach has been produced for quality managers and health workers to guide the, for proper implementation.”

Dr Nasedra said prior to this, there was no implementation mechanism for quality improvement activities in health facilities around the country.

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