Human rights must be inclusive, life-affirming, says theologian

Professor Upolu Vaai. Picture: edare.cwmission

Human rights must be inclusive and life-affirming, says Pacific Theological College principal, the Rev Professor Upolu Vaai.

In a statement calling on Christians to be vaccinated against COVID-19, Prof Vaai said human rights came with the responsibility for life for oneself and others or else it was just a platform to promote selfishness and arrogance.

“It must include the rights of another human being who wants to live but is at high risk because we’re not vaccinated,” he said.

“The rights of those children not covered by vaccines who want to live longer and have a future.

“The rights of pregnant women not covered by some vaccines who want to live to give their babies a future and the rights of elderly people with pre-medical conditions who cannot be vaccinated.”

Prof Vaai said medical experts were performing the role God had called them to do and that God’s love and wisdom was shared through medical experts to keep us safe.

“That’s their calling from God.

“Those are the diverse gifts of the Spirit that God blessed each and every one of us within God’s household.”

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