Jet Runners Club to target young athletes

Jet Runners Club president Abhinesh Kumar, Avikash Lal, Ravnil Rinesh Kumar. Picture: FT FILE

The Jet Runners Club of Nadi will introduce a kids foundation this year with programs to groom more athletes who could represent the nation in the future.

The club specialises in holding fun run events together with middle and long distance races and cross country runs.

The club will target primary school athletes to be part of the Jet Runners Kids Foundation.

Jet Runners Club president and events director Abhinesh Kumar said through the foundation’s program they planned to hold clinics to develop the athletes.

“National reps Bimlesh Kumar and Parshotam Lal who have coaching knowledge will be guiding the young athletes,” Abhinesh said.

“During the clinics we also plan to invite the parents of the athletes, school teachers and other interested individuals to participate,” he said.

The idea to establish the Jet Runners Kids Foundation was mooted back two years ago however it did not eventuate. Abhinesh said a lot of ground work had been done since then to get the foundation started.

“Through the foundation’s program we will support our kids in running,” he said.

“The focus will be on mentoring young athletes for middle and long distance races. Running is the back bone of every sport and it also helps in living a healthy lifestyle.”

Abhinesh himself holds a level one coaching certificate from the New South Wales Athletics Association and is also an accredited gymnasium instructor.

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