Letters to the Editor – July 21, 2021

The Flying Fijians and the NZ All Blacks teams. Picture: Simon Raiwalui/TWITTER

Two Test series

The two Test series against the NZ All Blacks has been done and dusted. Flying Fijians coach Vern Cotter was adamant that the side will have all the positions covered against the powerful All Blacks, even off the bench. It did not materialise as the ABs romped to a nine try win. Winger Sevu Reece scored three first half tries and Ardie Savea
one in his 50th Test for New Zealand. The much talked about Savea and Dyer battle fizzled out. Likewise, debutant AB hooker Samisoni Taukei’aho scored a double. Fiji’s only try came from Peni Ravai in the absence of captain
Leone Nakarawa who was sinbinned. The Flying Fijians’ surprise package to make a huge statement to World Rugby fi zzled out. My earlier letter stated that if Fiji conceded less than 50 points and scored more than 20 it would be a huge result. All Blacks coach Ian Foster aptly put it, playing against a team that exposed them last week in certain situations was supplied with the remedy together with sides composure under pressure. The final result of 13-60 is similar to the Dunedin Test of 2011 when Fiji lost 14-60. On the other hand FRU CEO John O’Connor’s news release highlighting the confi rmation of wearing “Vaccinate Fiji” with the addition of “It’s your choice” jerseys
brought about mixed signals to the team. My choice is for the CEO to resign and take retirement. God bless our Fijian rugby RAYMOND SINGH Golf Links, Lautoka

Judgment, experience 

WE have to thank the NZRU for granting our national team the opportunity for the two rugby Test series on July 10 and 17, 2021. The NZ All Blacks players have just finished the Aotearoa/Trans-Tasman Rugby Competition with intensified physical and mental fitness still well-compacted in place. In the first Test, the Fiji team did very well above expectation in the first spell showing great cohesion with aggressive physical momentum that made the All Blacks back paddle in most aspects of the game. For 20 minutes, the All Blacks were kept scoreless. It was the same in the second Test but in most cases, the continuity of converting opportunities to points, with unnecessary penalties, always appeared progressively. Although the final score deficit increased by 17 points from the first Test, generally, our national team improved dramatically. My take is, the FRU has to review the team’s structural composition as best 70 per cent overseas to 30 per cent locals. This platform would boost the moral of our local
players and simultaneously, investing for future international rugby matches. However, there were a “few” players
still being included, who should have been replaced, before the two Tests. Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that originated from bad judgment. Do not judge by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant. Our national team tried, failed again, but failed better. SAMU SILATOLU Nakasi

School year 2021

IF our schools won’t resume for the remaining months of this year, what will happen to us students, in terms of progress? Will we remain in the same class/form again next year or will some students progress to next class/form based on our first term exam results or internal assessment? These are the kind of questions that students are seeking answers for so we know what will happen to us since every conversation today is more focused on COVID-19, rather than us the students. Hello, we are here! JADON E MASIVESI QVS, Nukuvuto

News with comedy

WOULDN’T it be great if we could also get local news blended with comedy? Shows where local politicians and other prominent people could be made fun of without any repercussions? Examples include The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Late Night with Seth Meyers. We need our leaders and influencers to accept the lighter side of life. It would be a well-added virtue. KIRAN KHATRI Samabula, Suva

Inspirational ‘The Trailer’! 

GARETH Baber, who is in Tokyo with our 7s team, had so much to say about Semi Radradra. Semi, who plays for Bristol Bears, has set high standards and is an inspiration. According to Baber: “He (Semi) is a true professional because he has done well in both rugby league and rugby union. “Semi talks in the meetings, communicates, looks after himself and looks after others, and I would say that’s a hallmark of a professional.” Semi’s inclusion has added fire to our side, and will drive fear in the minds and eyes of the opposition. On the other hand, while Semi has won tournaments with the national 7s side, he has yet to win something major like the Melrose Cup or gold medal at the Olympics. These have evaded Semi, but I’m positive Semi  and the 7s side will take the extra mile to defend the Rio Olympics gold medal. For me, Semi is a complete package. He can play in the forwards, as well as in the backline. Hence, we have an asset in Semi Radradra with us in Tokyo. All the best to Semi and the boys in Tokyo! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Keep it coming

HEY Wise, better they don’t runaway with our sugarcane on that train.  Isa Kiran why the thought on new curfew hour for other places when times are hard already. Momo Allen you would be a perfect quarter master if a woman was our captain and Jan would be a suitable anchor if the unionists disagree with him. I thought of Trump when I read your piece Mr Mateiwai, but I agree with you that we all should get vaccinated for the better. Whatever castle it may be Altauf, I hope Mr Naidu could perhaps enlighten us with his back to the future illumination. Mr Morris it is always exciting to have many angles rather than one angle if you get my drift. Perhaps one should try another angle that it might give the benefi t of the doubt on the “No jab, no benefits” policy. Thank you fellow writers for the enlightenment, keep it coming. AREKI DAWAI, Suva

Thank you

SUDDENLY, we see a surge in the number of people coming forward to get vaccinated. We appreciate their understanding of what is at stake if all eligible Fijians do not quickly get vaccinated. It was also important for those
seeking government’s financial assistance, as announced and included in the 2020/2021 National Budget, to receive at least the first jab to qualify for this assistance. The rapidity with which our daily positive case numbers and deaths are occurring gives us more than ample warning to take every preventative step necessary to tackle the pandemic
which seems to be gaining momentum as days pass by. At this juncture, it was pleasing to note that as of July 17, 393,095 adults in Fiji had received their first dose of the vaccine and 78,624 had received their second dose. This means that 67 per cent of the target population had received at least one dose and 13.4 per cent were now fully vaccinated nationwide. However, we still have 86.6 per cent to get fully vaccinated while 33 per cent were left to receive their first jab. Overall, I think, the vaccination campaign, on which our protection is heavily dependent, is running quite well. May I take this opportunity to thank all involved in this drive. Thank you. SURESH CHAND

Resisting lockdown

THE Fijian Government is resisting calls for a nationwide lockdown on the basis the economy would see a  fallout. Well, in that case, with soaring COVID-19 cases, morgues full, pregnant women giving birth on ships and the
death toll passing the 100 mark within three months of the second wave, I wish you all the very best in making an economic comeback. NADIA NAAZ Ba

Alternative to staying home

THE sad fact is that as long as businesshouses, restaurants, hair salons, barbers, supermarkets, EFL and the
Water Authority offices are open, people will continue to queue to pay bills and enter supermarkets and small grocery shops, including fuel stations. I believe taxis will continue to carry more than two passengers, mini buses
will continue to carry more than the legislated number of passengers and buses will continue to flout the rules.
People will continue to shake hands on the street and masks will be worn haphazardly. It will be impossible for
people to stay home when an alternative to staying home is offered in all cities and towns. DAN URAI Lautoka

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