Letters to the Editor – July 23, 2021

Jerry Tuwai in action at the PacificAus Oceania 7s. Picture: SUPPLIED

Little Jerry’s influence

I BELIEVE our little Jerry will have a huge infl uence on the success of the 7s team. With so many years of experience under his belt and the survivor from the last Olympics win, Jerry has a lot to offer our team. I am sure Baber and the team are well aware of this and leverage from his experience in giving him all the opportunities to contribute to team sessions both on and off the world. Wishing the Fiji contingent all the best at the Olympics. Go give your best, make every Fijian proud. Toso Viti, toso. PRANIL RAM Votualevu, Nadi

Mickey Mouse game

GOOD to see that the people have started to refer to the Mickey Mouse game by its proper name. As for Semi Radradra, I have wondered why a player of his stature, talent and reputation chose to find glory in the second-rate game? Perhaps he knew he was going to be whipped by the All Blacks so chose to find glory at a lower level? Perhaps it was something to do with his contractual obligations or quarantine time lines. Everyone is free to make their own choices. I mean, how often does Fiji get to play the All Blacks – seven times in the past 100 years from what I understand. Perhaps a second rate gold is shinier than playing the All Blacks? In any case, it would not make any difference to me if he became King Mickey Mouse in Tokyo. In hindsight it was a good thing he was not part of the Flying Hypocrites. This will be my last letter regarding the second rate game. That does not mean I will not be writing about other things which I believe are like Mickey Mouse in Fiji. Get your priorities right Fiji and get vaccinated. JAN NISSAR NSW, Australia

Debate challenge

TWICE in this column, a fellow contributor penned the wishes of many who are active on social media. A live debate between Mahendra Chaudhry and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. The former PM has confidently shown interest. Refer to Fiji Labour PartyFacebook post 21/07. In fact, as we approach the next general election, we should have many live debates between candidates on material national subjects. Preferably, on television. MOHAMMED IMRAZ JANIF Natabua, Lautoka

‘No jab’ rhyme

IN last Friday’s budget address, the Minister for Economy made the nation aware of the consequences of not getting the vaccine through what I call the no jab rhyme. Part of it went like : “No jab, no job No jab, no opportunities No jab, no tourism No jab, no national airline…” Quite fi ttingly, the word jab in Hindi language means pocket. For me, Fiji’s scenario points at the conclusion that if no jab, then nothing in the jab. NADIA NAAZ Ba

Right sizing

THE Minister for Economy has announced during his 2021-2022 budget address that as part of the measures to control public expenditure a holistic review will be undertaken to right size the public service (FT 22/7). I believe the Government should lead by example by restructuring from the top. First, we could start by scrapping all the assistant minister positions. This will demonstrate the Government’s commitment to reduce the size of the public service. It is to be noted that some ministries with multiple portfolios have been functioning quite well without any assistant minister. Questions were always asked whether there was a need for so many assistant ministers. As part of this exercise, the review should also extend to merging/amalgamating some of the ministries/ departments especially where their relevance has diminished in the post COVID environment. This will not only streamline the operations but also reduce bureaucracy. Of course it will result in considerable savings that can be channelled towards other needy and priority areas. After all charity begins from home. SELWA NANDAN Lautoka

COVID-19, health facilities

THOSE medical teams that jetted into the country from Australia and New Zealand to actively offer their expertise in containing the pandemic, have they been any effective so far? Or are they still recuperating after witnessing firsthand the nauseating state of our health facilities and makeshift COVID tents? The death toll continues to swiftly escalate, and now we hear a body has mysteriously vanished from the morgue. Now that’s a new one for Fiji I suppose. Bahut spooky spooky reh! NISHANT SINGH Lautoka

Olympic Games

THE greatest sport show on Earth is about to begin but it is so surreal like its only a dream even now at the final hour it still can be cancelled that is so unreal and so unprecedented no spectators to watch any competition it will be hard for all competing nations what if they actually cancel at the very last minute? way things are going that is not unrealistic but the show may just go on despite the pandemic crisis in host Japan I hope we just see medals announced at the podium and not more positive cases in Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium. Gold Fiji gold! EDWARD BLAKELOCK Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

Work the land!

NAVNESH Reddy shared the story of 73-year-old veteran sugarcane farmer Tara Singh who has been involved in sugarcane farming since his teenage days and has reaped the benefits over the years, all through farming. According to Mr Singh, he was able to raise and educate both his daughters, who now live overseas, through sugarcane farming. He stated that the hardships of sugarcane farming were around for a long time, and he urged his sugarcane farmers never to give up. He shared that he had learned to live together in harmony. A beautiful piece on an elderly citizen thanks to The Fiji Times! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Food security

YOU will never go hungry nor your families if you plant your own vegetables on the very little piece of land in your own backyard or side yard. This will address food security and poverty in Fiji. Only takes 3-5 months’ maximum to harvest. My family are now enjoying our vegetables which is fresh and doesn’t cost us any money. My son Jadon Masivesi started his own small vegetable garden since when school was closed early for Term 1 in late April, 2021, due to the second wave attack of COVID-19. Just need constant care, love and adequate watering apart from rainfall. This week is Fiji National Virtual Dialogue Food System Summit, July 21-23, 2021 as it continues national preparations for the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) in September 2021. An aim of the summit is to transform food systems to be healthier, safer, more sustainable, more efficient, and more equitable. It acknowledges the role of food systems and the importance of how we produce, process, trade and consume food to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030). The above aims will not be achieved if we don’t have arable land to plant. My pledge is for our Fiji Government to liaise with landowners, especially within Viti Levu to lease their land without going through the Government red tape bureaucracy. If we have land to plant and sell, it will benefit everyone. #UNFSS2021 JIOJI M CAKACAKA Tadra, Votualevu, Nadi

Delta variant

I HAVE not been sickened so much by any common flu or disease, but this Delta variant is more contagious that it gives you various sicknesses. The experiences of headaches and no sense of smell hit me up first followed by red eyes and dry coughs, with lots of mucus. I thought it was only the common flu that struck me since it had been over a year that I had not visited the doctor. Strapped with these sicknesses than stealthy crept in body aches, lost my taste buds and tiredness. Today as I’m writing my account of this f@&#*!% sickness, I’ve been visiting the restroom frequently to offload and almost late at times (oisou me tawa na sapo). Eight in total of the sickness that the Delta variant has thrown at me. In fighting this virus I have not changed my diet, just sticking with my family’s daily meal plans. Got my stock of medicines from the doctor earlier, but the old school grandma’s daily dose of bitter ginger and fruits I believe is boosting the bodily blood cells to fight against the virus. I have not changed my home routine of attending to my backyard farm, cutting the grass, doing house chores and topping it off with a baby mix, however, I miss going out for my long walking exercise because I have to be in isolation for the better. Since I’ve received my vaccination (thanks to the Government) I believe it has been an effective line of defence in countering the virus inside my body as this virus was transferred to me only by an exchange of a paper note. How dare you coronavirus come in and try to pull us down, even though we have lost a few souls we will do everything in our ability to overcome your despicable infectious disease. Fellow Fijians, we can fight this virus in many ways, but if we don’t work together as a family we might not succeed to defeat the virus. God bless your family, stay safe, keep calm and be happy and keep the good vibes flowing in. AREKI DAWAI, Suva

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