Letters to the Editor – May 16, 2021

Ministry of Health and Medical Services permanent secretary, Dr. James Fong, Picture: JONA KONATACI/FILE

Thank you

I applaud the hearty plea made by the health team and Dr Fong on a daily basis regarding COVID 19 protocols and procedures. Despite all the awareness, we see our people forcing themselves to be practising the wrong acts that can and is worsening the situation on ground. To some self isolation means visit family members. To some staying home means playing volleyball in driveways. To some no social gathering means calling friends and families for a kava mix. To some physical distancing means sitting in groups for no purpose on streets. To some cover your sneeze and cough means drinking fizzy drinks from same bottle. To some wearing a mask means sharing the same cigarette butt amongst three to four persons. If this is so, then we are preparing for worse as pointed by Dr Aalisha. Whilst many pray for early recovery and normalcy, there are certain elements amongst us who want us all to suffer due to their negligence. The directives of Ministry of Health should not be taken lightly. ts high time. The authorities to be more vigilant and take those breaking rules to task without hesitation. It seems that many are ignorant and the struggles and suffering of others are unheard. We have faith that we can fight together so be a leader to champion that we are serious! Rouhit Karan Singh Lautoka

Outside the box

Sometimes survival requires us to think outside the box. Put all the idle land to work during this pandemic and get people who don’t have a job to be given plots to plant food crops. If they have more than what’s needed and required they can use it to barter for other goods and services. Government ministers, lead the way and start planting and preparing. This pandemic is far from over. And unless you have a plan to halt the economic tsunami that’s headed your way, you’re wasting oxygen. Action’s what’s needed. Colin Deoki Australia

Thinking ahead

It is very much a reality that people are worried about their future. With the labour market shattered with COVID impact, many are not certain where their next meal will come from. The vulnerable are in a dilemma as more case scenarios are evolving on a daily basis. The restrictions of movements, closing of non essential businesses had caused anxiety and uncertainty. Please don’t look far but in your neighborhood. If you are fortunate to have a little extra, don’t hesitate to offer help at this point in time. Appreciation to those group who are reaching to those underprivileged families who need little for their survival. Remember that we are all children of the Creator and have human heart! Together we can overcome the challenges. Rouhit Karan Singh Lautoka

Stay safe

Stay safe Suva and Nausori from unkol Allen and l ga. Navneet Ram Lautoka

Vaccination issue

When will we be able to vaccinate the entire country? Dan Urai Lautoka

Pulse of the nation

The Fiji Times is indeed the pulse of the nation. Thank you for your support. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Lautoka

English words

So many English words are used in the Fijian (iTaukei) language. One is the word horse to ose. I would be very grateful to Professor Paula Gereti if he could explain why there was no Fijian word for a horse. Sukha Singh Labasa

My gratitude

I am again compelled to express my sincerest gratitude to ordinary people that have gone out of their own ways to reach out and lend a helping hand to the less fortunate, the destitute, and especially the COVID-19 severely affected members of our communities. Notable names such as Westerners, the evergreen Allen Lockington, Narayan Reddy, and Suva’s very own, Rajnesh Ishwar Lingham have been relentless. I’m just overwhelmed with the predicaments that COVID-19 perpetuates and the resilience shown by these generous group which still gives hope to humanity. I implore the rest of us that can, to come on board, and join efforts to alleviate the plight of our fellow Fijians. In a passage from scripture, Galatians 6:9, NIV: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” May God bless you all, and may God bless Fiji! Alipate Tuberi Suva

Government aid

Jan Nissar (FT May 15) has proven beyond doubt through his letter that it is him who is playing mickey mouse game with us, the people of Fiji through his ridiculous and senseless ideas. So according to him the noble intention of our Government to provide aid to the poor and needy is a waste. According to you using money to buy food is flushing money down the toilet. Wah. When you buy your groceries, you may be flushing the money used down the toilet. What a thought! I salute you for your senselessness and devaluing our intelligence. May you get some wits to think logically before your next letter. My salutations to our Government for assisting the needy through their response to situation plans. I believe we can manage without you here in Fiji. Stay blessed and safe from COVID-19 my respected sire. DHIRENDRA PRASAD, Lautoka

Rabuka’s mistake

Sitiveni Rabuka has through his tweet acknowledged that he made a mistake in executing the 1987 military coup. It devastated the economy of Fiji and hurt the Indo-Fijians in a very substantial way. Many fled the shores of Fiji seeking safety and shelter in other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom. Along with this started the flight of capital and skills never seen before. However, 34 years have passed by and Sitiveni Rabuka has said sorry to Indo-Fijians a number of times. But the Indo-Fijians are simply not prepared to forgive him for the horror he unleashed. Indo-Fijians were terrorised, robbed, brutalised, their women were raped, families were torn apart and an untold reign of terror prevailed in Fiji. It was no longer the Paradise of the Pacific that we had boasted so often. I am of the opinion that Sitiveni Rabuka was not alone in executing the coup. In my view Sitiveni Rabuka is a changed man. He is deeply religious: goes to church on a regular basis, holds prayer meets at his home on a daily basis. He genuinely wants to make amends. It is said that: “to err is human but to forgive is divine”. The milk of human kindness must prevail so that Indo-Fijians can forgive Rabuka . Time and tide waits for no one. It is time to move ahead and build a new Fiji for all Fijians. Dewan Chand Donu Place, Namadi Heights, Suva Need to be realistic We all need to be realistic and front -up, before this variant really muck our lives up, we therefore all need to straighten up, and ensure that we always mask up, follow all the restrictions and not give one up, because if we ever give up, and surrender with our hands up, who knows where we will end up? trues up! so follow up, have your guards up, and don’t ever let up, let’s all prevent a third wave of this variant invasion, which may really worsen the current situation, the last thing we need is a full blown community transmission, to ravage the communities in our beautiful nation, one cannot really over-emphasize, the need to always mask up, social distance and sanitize, that’s the only way we can all remain safe, healthy and survive, remember that the home isolation, lockdowns and curfews, are really there to help you, and not to be against you, so now it’s all really up to you. Edward Blakelock Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

World Information Society Day

The COVID-19 crisis has not only highlighted the critical role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for continued functioning of societies but has also brought to the fore the startling digital inequalities between and within countries. Information technology will continue to push for digital transformation by promoting national strategies on ICT development, smart policies to encourage investments, cooperation, and partnership. Engineers, programmers, journalist, network administrators and providers invites you to actively participate in commemorating to use the digital platforms with social responsibility. Despite all challenges Fiji’s Technology & Infrastructure Comprehensive internet access, reliable mobile communications networks and a secure electricity supply – we only learn to truly appreciate these achievements of our age. The Technologies are already emerging as a key component of proactive tools and applications being used to help people lead better lives by improving healthcare, education, finance, agriculture, transportation, and a wide range of other services. Prior to World Information Society Day, World Telecommunication Day, which was first held in 1969, was celebrated on May 17 by people
and organisations. The purpose of this observance is to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the internet and other information and communication technologies could bring to societies and economies, as well as of ways to bridge the digital divide. This to accelerate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). NEELZ SINGH, Lami

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