Make informed decisions, says chief

An entry point at Tavualevu Village. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Villagers are free to make their own decisions on the vaccine, says Tui Tavua Ratu Nacanieli Uqeuqe.

He said he would not prevent any of his people from taking the vaccine nor would he force villagers to receive the injection.

“Like Government has stated, it is up to the people whether they want to take the vaccine or not,” he said.

“From my side, I have been doing my own research and learning more about the vaccine.

“So far, I have yet to take it but I am not stopping anyone to take the vaccine.

“The information is readily available for everyone to access so that they can make an informed decision on the vaccine.”

Yesterday, vaccination teams from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services held the first of a few mobile vaccination drives in Tavua.

The mobile teams visited Buyabuya and Votualevu.

The teams also tended to domiciliary cases in Tavua, Ba and Nadroga-Navosa.

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