Ministry purchases ‘grog without quotations, LPO’

Auditor-General Ajay Nand. Picture: FILE/RAMA

The Ministry of Fisheries paid $1449.54 to buy grog on August 31, 2018 without obtaining quotations and without raising a local purchase order, the office of the Auditor-General (OAG) has found.

In the 2019 Audit Report on Economic Services Sector, Auditor-General Ajay Nand stated this was because of a lack of supervisory checks within the accounting section of the ministry.

The OAG stated the ministry should improve supervisory checks in the accounting function to ensure that internal controls, as required by the Finance Manual, were implemented.

“Consider instigating disciplinary actions against officers circumventing processes and procedures laid out in the Finance Manual.”

The ministry stated it had improved in its approach to acquiring services from providers.

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