Mother’s concern about delivery

Lina Ragesa of Savu Village in Naitasiri. Picture: VILIAME RAVAI

The escalating COVID-19 cases across the Central Division have expectant mother Lina Talei Ragesa worried.

A month away from delivery, she had been told by Health Ministry staff members that she would deliver at the Vunidawa Hospital in Naitasiri instead of the Colonial War Memorial (CWM) Hospital’s Maternity Unit.

The 27-year-old said she had delivered all her three children at the CWM Hospital and one of her biggest concerns was the cost of travel from Savu Village to Vunidawa.

“It costs $60 to get there and the journey is quite difficult, it’s easier to go to CWM,” she said.

“I also feel safer going to CWM because I am not familiar with Vunidawa.

“I hope the Sawani border opens before I give birth next month.

“I spoke to my husband about our situation as it will be the first time for me to go up to Vunidawa and he encouraged me and told me not to worry because it’s still a hospital and the doctors are there to help.”

Savu Village is located about 25km from Vunidawa Hospital.

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