Music house evolves with challenges

Renowned local producer Phil Dakei says his production company has changed its name from Noisy Oyster Production to Music Mstic. Picture: FELIX CHAUDHARY

Fijians across every sector are adapting their businesses to the challenges presented by COVID-19 and are positioning themselves for the post-COVID world.

Some in the local music industry are also adapting to that change. In a bid to broaden its horizons and create and take advantage of new opportunities, Fiji’s leading music production house Noisy Oyster Production (NOP) has decided to change its name to Music Mstic (pronounced mystic) Entertainment.

Owner, producer, composer and artist Phil Dakei said the new name marked a new direction for his business.

Dakei is widely recognised as Fiji’s pre-eminent music producer who gained renown for his work with one of Fiji’s biggest artists, Daniel Rae Costello, and was also part of Costello’s touring band, the Cruzez.

His solo track, Play On, released in 2010, cemented Dakei as a songwriter, producer and artist of note.

Dakei went on to play a pivotal role in the formation of West-based group Makare where he redefined how classic iTaukei songs could be presented and the sound he created spawned a renaissance of iTaukei songs from yesteryear which were recorded and released by other artists.

“This is timely and in preparation for bigger things to come,” he said.

“I believe that for things to move forward, we need to make changes, to ourselves and to the things that we can control, and changing the name is a way of showing a positive move towards achieving a bigger goal and accepting what’s coming.”

Dakei said those familiar with his work could expect new and exciting artists and music in coming months.

“The studio has always been focused on reshaping music on the local scene and encouraging local artists to believe and better themselves to be in a position to add value to their work and earn something from what they enjoy doing.

“This is still the focus and as part of taking that responsibility further, changes that need to be made will be made.”

His work with a string of exciting artists including Billy T, Rosie Sagaitu and a host of others has given Fiji and the Pacific new and trendsetting music.

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