Nabua brawl erupts again – Two injured, eighteen arrested

Members of the Police Special Response Unit station deployed to the scene and eased the situation at Mead Rd in Nabua during the Easter weekend. Picture: ATU RASEA/FT FILE

A BRAWL which erupted yet again between Mead Rd housing and Sukanaivalu Rd youths yesterday landed two people in hospital and 18 others in police custody.

Police chief operations officer Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdul Khan said more manpower was immediately deployed to the area.

“The situation is being closely monitored,” he said.

Police spokeswoman Savaira Tabua said the two youths who were taken to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital were aged 21 and 27 years.

A witness, who spoke to The Fiji Times on condition of anonymity, said it was a miracle more people were not injured.

She also claimed the broad daylight attack near a school could be linked to the violent and bloody fracas which happened over the Easter weekend.

“The boys from Mead Rd were on their way down for training when more than 15 boys from Sukanaivalu Rd started attacking them with stones, coconuts, sticks and knives,” she claimed.

“The topline (Mead Rd) boys were just doing their training, they didn’t do anything, they weren’t carrying any weapons. “It was the Sukanaivalu boys who started throwing stuff at them.”

Ms Tabua said the two youths were “in a stable condition” and investigations into the incident were continuing.

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