Narube: Budget will fail to achieve its three aims

Former Reserve Bank of Fiji governor Savenaca Narube. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Unity Fiji Party leader Savenaca Narube claims the 2021-2022 budget will fail to achieve its three aims – stopping the virus, supporting the economy and future proofing Fiji.

The former Reserve Bank Governor and Finance permanent secretary said the budget “fails miserably to address the root causes of our problems”.

He said the budget did not concede the reality Fiji was facing – a health crisis which was out of control, a deepening economic crisis, and “a financial situation which is in tatters.”

“We cannot begin to find solutions if we do not concede these starting points.”

Mr Narube said on the first aim of stopping the virus, Government was relying solely on vaccination – that if Fiji did not hit the target which was very likely – economic and social problems “will be multiplied many times over.”

He said on the second aim of economic support, the budget did not address their root causes and the assistance would not be effective.

“For instance, the major issue facing investors is confidence.

“There is nothing in the Budget to raise confidence.

“Therefore, the tax incentives, holidays and allowances will not be utilised.”

Mr Narube said he did not know what the final aim of future proofing the country meant.

“But I know that the budget will not future proof anything.

“It has failed to address our economic woes.”

Economy Minister Aiyaz did not respond to an emailed request for a response to Mr Narube’s statement.

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