People line up at checkpoints to send items

People line up at the Nakasi checkpoint to send items. Picture: FILE

In the lead-up to the Suva-Nausori lockdown that began 11pm on Friday, people lined up at the Nakasi border to get things to and from loved ones separated by traffic cones and barriers.

The lines to a tent where police had set up a registration point for Fijians coming to the border stretched almost as long as the line of cars that were parked while drivers waited to drop off or collect items from the other side.

All manner of items were passed across the border on Friday from medicines, vegetables and root crops to television sets and microwave ovens.

Diana Fisher lined up like all others who wished to pass something over the lines drawn to contain the virus.

She said she was trying to get a parcel over to her father and collect some fresh vegetable and root crops from him.

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