Primary school and electrification projects commissioned at Nasalia Village

Infrastructure Minister Jone Usamate with students and parents of Nakaidra Primary School at Nasalia Village in Naitasiri. Picture: FIJIAN GOVT

Fiji’s Infrastructure Minister Jone Usamate commissioned Nakaidra Primary School at Nasalia Village, Naitasiri, on Friday – a project partially funded by the Japanese government.

In a statement, he said the Fijian Government carried out the initial groundwork in terms of the school building construction, new teachers quarters and provided a boat with an engine to transport students crossing the Wainimala River from other villages to get to school.

Mr Usamate said the Japanese government gave $215,000 towards the construction of a new school and UNICEF committed another $80,000 for a new ablution block currently under construction.

He also commissioned a $10,000 rural electrification project in the village.

“As you know, your Government is committed to the education of our children, the future of Fiji and your new school will ensure a brighter future for Nasalia and this will be complemented by your connection to the national electricity grid which will bring about positive changes to your village,” Mr Usamate said.

“Electricity will also enable the 38 children enrolled in your school to study better at night under the brightness of electric lamps, the establishment of new businesses, use of electrical appliances, and connection to the outside world when mobile data connection is made available.”

The school is situated in the district of Nagonenicolo and was established as an infant school in 2015.

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