Ragasau says she is grateful for living a village life

Melaia Ragasau of Mokani Village, Bau, Tailevu sells bila at the Nausori Municipal Market. Picture: VILIAME ODROVAKAVULA.

Melaia Ragasau says if there is one thing she is grateful for, it is this – that she and her family live in Mokani Village, Bau, Tailevu.

She said compared with those who live in urban areas, people who lived in the village had nothing much to worry about.

“In the village, we can borrow from our neighbours if something like sugar, salt or flour runs short,” the 25-year-old mother-of-one said.

“In the urban areas, you have to buy everything, and I really feel sorry for them.

“We can drink tea with cassava, but children raised in urban areas can’t do that because they are used to bread, butter and jam all the time.”

She said nothing beat village life because they looked after one another and most of all, they loved each other and regarded everyone as family.

Ms Ragasau said to earn money for basic essentials, she sold bila, a fermented iTaukei delicacy, at the Nausori Municipal Market.

“Bila is something that most Fijians like, it’s very healthy and it’s really nice with lemon leaf tea.”

Ms Ragasau said her husband was a full-time farmer who sometimes gathered green coconuts (bu) for her to sell at the market.

“During these trying times, if there was one word of advice I could give, it is this – make sensible use of what God has given us freely and follow the Ten Commandments.”

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