Residents fear ending up on streets

A police offi cer talks with residents of Narere Stage 1 regarding the distribution of their food ration. Police told protesting residents last evening that because of a misunderstanding their relief supplies were mistakenly dispatched to the Muanikoso Housing area. Meanwhile, residents had waited at the Narere Stage 1 entrance last night. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

Residents of Narere Stage 1 are caught between a rock and a hard place but their biggest fear is the streets.

Locked down for more than 17 days because of COVID-19, many have not been able to go to work and fear losing their jobs.

Workers said the prolonged crisis was taking a toll on their mental health as they were worried their families could end up on the streets.

One of the residents, Maria Salusalu, said the mental anguish out of fear of losing everything was driving many into despair.

“There are some of us who have been wanting to return to work despite the restrictions because of the fear of being fired,” she said.

“We were very happy on Friday last week when we were swabbed and medical personnel assured us that restrictions would be lifted on Sunday, but this did not happen.

“If we do not pay up our rent, many will be thrown out onto the streets.”

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