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Fiji Revenue and Customs Service.

As Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) prepares to fully implement all processes on the Taxpayer Online Services (TPOS), we encourage all taxpayers to sign up for the FRCS online services. There are many benefits of the Taxpayer Online Services including:

The taxpayers are able to access their tax information at any time and from anywhere in the world without having to visit any FRCS offices. Furthermore, the portal has a “Correspondence tile’ which is available on all user’s dashboards. This “Correspondence” tile allows users to view and access all correspondences that were processed after using the portal. The taxpayers can also view transactional tax history, filing obligations, etc on the Taxpayer Online Services.

Processing Time
Using the online services reduces the processing time as people no longer need to wait in queues to access FRCS services. With automation, they are able to access the tax office’s services at their convenience. FRCS has developed user manuals of all processes as wells as video tutorials on most of them which makes using the online platform much easier and faster

Data Validations
The online system has rules and guidelines that prompts taxpayers on what information and mandatory documents they are required to submit. For example, a birth certificate number is a mandatory requirement while applying for a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for any individual born in Fiji. The system will not allow submission of a TIN application by individuals unless their birth certificate details are provided online.

Opportunity to Update Information
The Taxpayer Online Services also allows users to update their information on the portal. All users can verify and update their information for accuracy and relevancy. How to update information online is discussed in the article below. FRCS has been creating awareness and education on the Taxpayer Online Services, however, we do receive calls on requests for further clarification on certain general issues in relation to the online services. Explained below are some of these issues for better understanding of the taxpayers.

Signing up on the Taxpayer Online Services
People who want to use or access the Taxpayer Online Services need to register or create an account by signing up for the online services. Signing up for the Taxpayer Online Services is simple. All that needs to be done is to access the online portal on – taxpayerportal.

Once on the portal, scroll down to the bottom at the “Sign Up” section and then start the process of creating an account. For more information on signing up for the Taxpayer Online Services, please watch our tutorial video on the FRCS website https://www. taxpayer-online-servicetpos/ tpos-tutorial-videos/. In case you continue to face difficulties then please email us on tpos@

One–time Login Code
The One-time Login Code is a unique code issued by FRCS to an existing taxpayer to be used along with Taxpayer Identification Number when signing up for the Taxpayer Online Services. The code is made up of alpha numeric characters and is only issued after FRCS has verified the identification of the existing taxpayer. The code provides an additional layer of security ensuring that the combination of Taxpayer Identification Number and One-time Login Code matches when signing up.

The Tax Office urges all existing taxpayers to ensure that their Onetime Login Code is kept confidential and should not be shared with anyone else prior to signing up. All existing taxpayers are required to visit any of our FRCS offices to obtain a One-time Login Code before Sign Up. It is important for existing taxpayers to understand, the manner in which the One-time Login Code is obtained. More information on the one time login code can be accessed on this video fj/our-services/taxpayeronline- service-tpos/tpostutorial- videos/.

Updating information on the Taxpayer Online Services
Taxpayers can update their information on the online portal through the “Change of Circumstance” tile which relates to a change in information about an individual or non-individual taxpayer that is currently in the FRCS tax system. This can be information related to change in taxpayer position, situation or status e.g. change in address, bank account, contact or personal details etc. Regularly updating information allows FRCS to better serve the taxpayers by understanding the business needs e.g. if we have the correct bank details, refunds will be deposited in a timely manner.

All information provided to FRCS must be accurate and correctly recorded in TPOS to reduce the risk of fraud, identity theft, business disruptions, untimely filing, overdue payments and others. Taxpayers must understand that outdated tax information undermines FRCS’s ability to provide a more reliable service. To update their information, the taxpayer needs to sign up and log in to the Taxpayer Online Services and select the “Change of Circumstance” tab.

Upon updating tax information through the Change of Circumstances tile, the taxpayer must ensure that current details are entered in the respective fields before saving or submitting the online form. The importance of updating taxpayer information through the Change of Circumstance cannot be overemphasized as it ensures the effectiveness and timeliness of our service delivery. The Tax Office urges all FRCS online users to update their tax information through the Change of Circumstance tab before accessing any tax and customs services.

Education and awareness
FRCS has developed a number of education and awareness materials on the online processes of the various tax types to support taxpayers through the new transition. These education materials can be accessed from the FRCS website https://www. and https://www.frcs. The user manuals are available on our-services/taxpayeronline-service-tpos/usersguide.

FRCS encourages all taxpayers to access the online services and to use it for efficient tax services and ease of compliance. For any queries or issues related to TPOS, please contact us on 1326 or email or

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