Silver Fern netball great Margaret Forsyth an ‘adventure gal’ and champion for her community

Former Silver Fern and Hamilton City councillor Margaret Forsyth died on May 4. Picture: STUFF SPORTS.

Margaret Forsyth: December 28, 1961 – May 4, 2021

On the netball court, Silver Fern Margaret Forsyth was competitive, uncompromising but also kind and knew how to get the best out of everyone, not just her teammates but her opponents as well.

Off the court, as a coach, city councillor and mum, she lived by the same set of values to help people reach their potential.

She was not only a great athlete but also a wonderful New Zealander.

That’s just a summary of the common themes coming through from people who played sport with Forsyth, who worked alongside her at the Hamilton City Council and who grew up with her in the Waikato.

She had been on sick leave from council duties since April following a cancer diagnosis and she died on May 4, 2021.

On Saturday, May 8, friends, family, former teammates and political colleagues gathered at St Paul’s Collegiate’s Chapel of Christ the King, for a service to commend  Forsyth’s contribution to her community and her country.

She leaves behind three sons, Thomas, Jonathan and Lucien and a granddaughter, Rosie-Rae.

It has not been an easy 18 months for the family. In early 2020, the boys’ father and Forsyth’s husband, Brian Nabbs, died. Forsyth took time off to look after him during an illness.

Listening to friends and family speak about her, it is clear Forsyth made the most of every day of her 59 years.

Her character, style of leadership, humour and care for people will have a lifelong impact on those she came into contact with.

Her youngest son, Lucien, said his mum was always on the go when the family was young, encouraging her sons to be active, to get their bodies and minds moving.

“Mum got us involved in a whole range of sport. Rugby was first but we also had soccer, swimming and athletics.


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