SODELPA saga – Lynda’s attack labelled as a direct attack on democracy

SODELPA party president Ratu Epenisa Cakobau labelled Lynda Tabuya’s attack as a direct attack on democracy. Picture FILE/SOPHIE RALULU

THE continued attacks from SODELPA MP Lynda Tabuya calling on both the party leader and the president to resign is a direct attack on democracy and an insult to the voters who ahad consistently voted for the party since 2014.

SODELPA president Ratu Epenisa Cakobau said Ms Tabuya’s utterances were an example of “someone who cannot be taught nor listen”.

“She has now displayed that her brand of politics is to create division and doubt and sadly, this is a legacy she will carry with her wherever she goes,” he said.

In response, Ms Tabuya claimed that Ratu Epenisa has not only failed to unite the party, but has also caused a lot of hurt and division in the vanua based constituencies, including Navosa, Kadavu, Bua, Lomaiviti and Ba.

“I have been accused of highlighting these issues in public and showing signs of leaving the party, but I am not the enemy here, time is the enemy,” she said.

“We have an election to win. We are less than a year away from writ-period.”

Ms Tabuya reiterated that Ratu Epenisa needed to do his job.

“At first I was gracious to Ratu Epenisa to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was being used and influenced with ill advice, but his latest media release and personal cheap shot against me defending himself that he is in all this with his eyes wide open has confirmed that he is indeed the mastermind of this treachery, deceit, vote-rigging, bullying, intimidation, and injustice in the party since his arrival as president.

“President, do your job and get the AGMs done with the same gusto as you did in the West and let our people be democratically represented in our meetings.”

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