Students inspire Lal to fulfil dream

Praneeta Lal after her graduation. Picture: RAKESH KUMAR

Praneeta Lal has always dreamt of becoming a lawyer.

In 2016, when she joined the teaching profession, she was inspired by her students to continue her studies to fulfil that dream.

Motivated by them, Ms Lal, 34, completed her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and Bachelors in Law at the University of Fiji and on April 9 she was admitted to the Bar to serve the people of Fiji.

Originally from Korowiri, Labasa, she now lives at Tacirua Heights, Suva, with her family.

Ms Lal said her journey began in 2008 when she joined the civil service.

“I started with Public Service Commission in 2008 as a clerical officer and later was promoted to the accounts department,” she said.

“I had eight years’ experience with PSC as a scholarship officer.

“After that I decided to establish my own business to help my husband but I was called by the Ministry of Education to teach computer studies at Kalabu Secondary School.

“In 2016, I joined Kalabu Secondary School as a school teacher.

“When I was teaching there, I was inspired to be something else apart from a teacher. “And the source of inspiration and motivation was my students.

“Through their inspiration and motivation I decided to continue my education in law.”

Ms Lal said she dreamt of becoming a lawyer when she was with PSC.

“When I was with PSC, I started with Bachelors in Law but then I was only able to do three units.

“I stopped there and when I started teaching, my students motivated me to continue my studies in law.

“With that motivation, I started again and took four units per semester.

“I studied hard and tried my best to complete my Bachelors in Law.

“When I completed my Bachelors in Law, I resigned from the Ministry of Education and completed my Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and Bachelors (GDLP) at the University of Fiji.

“In 2020 I managed to complete my GDLP at UniFiji. “After that, as an attaché I joined the Fiji National Provident Fund and managed to complete my attachment there.” Ms Lal said her family had been very supportive throughout her studies.

“My husband has always supported me so that I could continue my studies.

“He also supported me financially.”

Ms Lal said she would now join a legal firm and get some experience before starting up her own private legal firm.

“Since my husband is a businessman, in the future I plan to start up my private legal firm.

“I would like to thank my husband and my mother for their great support.

“My mom was the one who looked after my little daughter when I was completing my education.”

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