Taxidriver happy with rush hour

Taxidriver Sushil Chand says yesterday was a good day for business. Picture: ATU RASEA

As people rushed to the supermarkets to stock up on much needed supplies yesterday and the day before, some taxi drivers managed to earn some income as well.

Sushil Chand of Makoi is a taxi driver and said business had been really affected since the lockdowns and restrictions started.

“I have been driving a taxi for the past 20 years and I must say the past year and so far this year has been the worst,” he said.

According to Mr Chand his taxi owner has been very understanding in terms of the income that his drivers are required to hand in.

“Before COVID my contract was $250 per week but it has been reduced to $150 a week and I really glad for that.

“My family had been in quarantine and I only resumed work on Monday and it has been a bit difficult for my family,” he said.

Mr Chand said since Tuesday he had been able to make $25-30 per day because of the people who were shopping.

“This is the only time that we have been busy and I am thankful for that.”

Mr Chand drives from Monday to Saturday and is the only breadwinner for his family.

“I understand the dreadful situation we are going through in terms of the virus and that’s why I make sure I have my mask on at all times while I drive and I also have hand sanitiser available in my taxi,” he said.

Mr Chand hopes that the spread of the virus is contained so that people can get back to their work and earn a living for their families.

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