Taxidrivers give food to homeless

Lautoka taxi drivers assist street dwellers with food packs In Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

The homeless of Lautoka City did not worry about finding their next meal for a night as taxidrivers came to their aid last weekend.

About 20 taxidrivers got together to hand out hot meals for 30 homeless people living on the streets of the Sugar City.

One of the drivers Agya Ram said the drivers wanted to assist the street dwellers by providing them with free meals.

“We drive through Lautoka City every day and we notice a lot of people living in our streets,” he said.

“Because of the pandemic, the number of people in our streets has grown.” He said the group wanted to help those who were in need.

“We decided to collect some money among our group of about 20 taxidrivers and cook their lunch or dinner.

“We know that people are struggling, so it’s hard to even spare some money for beggars and the homeless.

“That is why we decided to at least cook some food for them and at least they won’t have to worry about one meal.”

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